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Chairs and Trustees Emeriti

UC San Diego Foundation’s Trustee Emeriti are those who have served as distinguished leaders, advocates, and champions of UC San Diego, and who continue to play an important role both on the Foundation and as the some of the closest advisors to the Chancellor. It is an honorary and lifetime designation, bestowed either by election, or by virtue of service as a Chair of the Board or as a Chancellor of UC San Diego.


Chairs Emeriti

Julia Brown, H '14
Philanthropist and Community Leader

R. Barry McComic
Chairman and CEO, McComic Consolidated Inc.

Malin Burnham
Chairman, John Burnham & Company Insurance and Burnham Real Estate

Peter Preuss, MA '67
President and Founder, The Preuss Family Foundation Inc.

Carol Chang, H '19
Philanthropist and Community Leader

Ronald R. Taylor
Chairman of the Board, EMN8

Elaine Galinson
Philanthropist and Community Leader 

Monroe E. Trout
Chairman (Retired), American Health Care Systems

Steve Hart, MA '80
Co-founder, Executive Vice-President and Chief Technical Officer, Viasat


Trustees Emeriti

Richard Atkinson
Former Chancellor, UC San Diego

Jeffrey Krinsk
Finkelstein & Krinsk LLP

Mary Berglund
Executive Vice President,
J. Berglund Company, Inc

George Lattimer
Private Investor

Mary Ann Beyster
Foundation for Enterprise Development

Sol Lizerbram
President and Co-founder, Family Practice Associates of San Diego

Darcy Bingham, H '12
Philanthropist and Community Leader

Judith Morgan

Marc Brutten '79
Founder and Executive Chairman, Westcore Properties

James Morris
President, JBM Properties, Inc. 

William Comer
CEO and Chairman,
NeuroGenetic Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Peggy Preuss
Vice President, The Preuss Family Foundation Inc.

Robert Dynes
Former Chancellor, UC San Diego

Ernest Rady
Executive Chairman, American Assets Trust

Sheldon Engelhorn '72
Retired Co-founder, NOVEX

Rudy Rehm
Founding CFO, DCM-Doll Capital Management

Erik Engelson '82, MS '84
Venture Partner, ShangBay Capital LLC

Steve Schreiner '80
Partner and General Counsel, Solomon Ward Seidenwurm & Smith LLP

Daniel Epstein
Founder and Chair of the Board,
ConAM Management Corporation

William Scripps
President, W.H. Scripps Company

Anne L. Evans
Chair Emerita, Evans Hotels

Junling Sun, PhD '93
Sun Engineering Consultants International Inc.

Peter Farrell
Founding Chairman, ResMed Inc.

Dixie Unruh
Philanthropist and Community Leader

Deborah Friedlaender '90
Philanthropist and Community Leader

Elizabeth Van Denburgh '78
Management Consultant

Augustine Gallego
Chancellor (Retired), San Diego Community College District

Carol Vassiliadis
President, Laki Real Estate Corporation

Donald Grimm
CEO (Retired), Hybratech

Chris Weil
Chair, Christopher Weil & Company Inc.

Harry Gruber
Co-Founder, JouleOne

Teresa Young '74
Partner (Retired), Deloitte

Irwin Jacobs
Co-founder and Board Member, Qualcomm Inc.

Joan Jacobs
Philanthropist, Civic and Campus Leader


Mel Katz
Executive Officer and Co-founder, Manpower Group Inc.


Jessie Knight, Jr
Managing Director, Knight Angels Consulting LLC