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Letter from the Chair of the UC San Diego Foundation

Carol Chang

Carol Chang, UC San Diego Foundation Board Chair

I am honored to serve as the chair of the UC San Diego Foundation Board of Trustees at a time when the university stands on the precipice of unprecedented growth.  Never has there been a more critical time to strengthen our collaborative efforts with our community of supporters, alumni, students, faculty and our academic leaders.

We who serve as trustees of the UC San Diego Foundation are proud to partner with the university in its vision to be a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented, public institution.  Further, we understand that philanthropic support is critical to realizing that vision, and to advancing the mission that UC San Diego will be transformative within a diverse global society by educating, generating, and disseminating knowledge and creative works, and engaging in public service.

The UC San Diego Foundation raises and manages philanthropic support in the form of new gifts for the endowment and expendable purposes to benefit this burgeoning campus. Looking back, we had a stellar year in fiscal 2014-2015. We received well over forty thousand gifts, raising more than $170 million, bringing our endowment to over $550 million, with total assets exceeding $750 million.  The gifts we receive are truly our lifeblood as they enhance our ability to perform critical research and instruction, as well as provide essential scholarship and fellowship support. 

Thus, it is with enthusiasm and excitement that I embrace this opportunity to work collectively with key stakeholders of this outstanding academic institution. There are great things on the horizon for UC San Diego, an academic engine poised to expand its impact for the benefit of our region, our nation, and our world.

Carol Chang
UC San Diego Foundation