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Accounting & Investment Operations Staff Directory

If you have questions about UC San Diego Foundation fund administration, please contact one of the individuals below:

Marlene Shaver Chief Financial Officer/AVC (858) 534-1032 mshaver@ucsd.edu
Gail Robotta Director of Finance & Business Operations (858) 534-8159 grobotta@ucsd.edu
Vlad Baytchev Investment Operations Manager (858) 534-4491 vbaytchev@ucsd.edu
Kierstin Sykes Controller (858) 822-1679 kksykes@ucsd.edu
George Bigney Accountant (858) 534-5648 gbigney@ucsd.edu
Selam Ghebrehiwet Accountant (858) 534-5263 sghebrehiwet@ucsd.edu
Carol Lim Assistant Accountant (858) 534-7247 cmlim@ucsd.edu

If you have questions about accepting and processing gifts to the UC San Diego Foundation, or to The Regents, please see the Gift Processing Staff Directory.

If you have questions related to accounting for your gift funds in once they have been transferred to the campus, and are visible in FinancialLink, please contact Gail Robotta at x48159 or grobotta@ucsd.edu.