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STAR Dashboard 

STAR (Stewardship, Transparency, Accountability, Reporting) is an online dashboard powered by Cognos to provide Advancement and UC San Diego staff with access to financial information related to University private support gift funds (both Foundation and UC Regents). To access the STAR system, please use the link below.

STAR Dashboard Login

  • Please ensure you have the correct browser settings before you login to STAR.
  • Use your AD network login credentials when prompted.
  • When you login, you will be directed towards the following page: 

STAR Homepage

[*] If you are a fund holder (Principal Investigator) or business officer, this box will be pre-populated with your list of designated funds. Select the funds, and click Submit to enter the dashboard page.

If you are not a fund holder or business officer, you will have to perform one of two searches (These options will only be available to Advancement staff and campus FinancialLink Users):

[1] Basic Search: You can type in a fund name or fund number in this search box and select one or more funds. Click submit to enter the dashboard.
[2] Advanced Search: You will be presented with several data fields to query. Use this search if you want to search for funds within a specific area, fund purpose, etc. Click submit to enter the dashboard.

If you're having trouble accessing STAR, please send an email to act-adv@ucsd.edu and include screenshots, the browser you're using, the time of day, and your phone #.